• A.J. Super

Girl or Just Violence from Here: Poem Sixteen


you lay in black cotton sheets, where your white shirt with neon green eyes follows you into dreams, and you kiss that hot blonde from dawson’s creek, james what’s-his-name. only now he’s someone else. that blonde chick with the neon green eyes you saw walking down the street wearing your white shirt, and you wonder how she wears it so well and you can’t. though you know it’s not really yours because you haven’t met and you aren’t lovers yet, kissing silently in the shadows after you spill neon green on her white shirt, which will eventually end up on your floor, then in your closet staring with neon green eyes at james just before you kissed him, knowing he was she. and she with neon green eyes would lay awake shortly, next to you laughing, in black cotton sheets.

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