• A.J. Super

Girl or Just Violence from Here: Poem Fifteen

Religious Wash or Late Night Laundry

“cleanliness is next to godliness” whispers this bleach bobbed chick to white rib-tank man shoulder crossed india ink black In God We Trust wash tan blocked feather filled quilt clean of Flame point siamese in blue light 24 hour launder-o-mat clutch black canvas book bag in red silk nightie lap and purple fingers on black pepper spray’s red switchy button Jesus I hope it’s safe here he doubles cadet-blue bra crucifix glittering “is this yours” he asks the girl as muted machine guns spring into the spin cycle wash aqua afghan in aluminum wash-o-matic that oozes white bubbles through fuzz mold splitting seals down scratched and finger fogged porthole to yellow asbestos tile to door marked red/gold EXIT Oh god, keep your eyes on the exit gauzy dryer fluffs ballet across calico-ed island tables and down with grey lint and hairballs Wash black satin sheets when warm ammonia never really comes out Wash hands she drips red, white, and blue lettered silver candy casing then creases plush plum panties with chocolate stained fingers and giggled “so much for cleanliness”

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