• A.J. Super

Girl or Just Violence from Here: Poem Thirteen


i love walking alone at night when the streets are cleaned everything orange and big and thunder my silence a heavy bass line following footsteps with slaps and thumps and whiskering wet leaves old snickers wrappers and little grey rocks moving frat party st. pauly girls and pabst from corners mouths open to whisper sex but there are rules to walk alone at night so it’s better for me to walk quickly away from open black windows and you stopping yellow zambonis and spinning brooms leaving neat piles of oil and dust to be shoveled away and dark wet streaks and cleanliness as cleanly as a road made of dirt and tar can be when tires squeal and i can find a quart of whiskey a bag of weed and this red pen before walking faster up clean roads where all that’s left is dusty streaks waiting to be washed to the nearest drain during the next heavy rain.

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