• A.J. Super

Girl or Just Violence from Here: Poem One

Saturday Afternoon at the Mark IV Swimming Pool

Rule 1 — [printed mechanical red] No Diving in Pool. 10:58. Ammonia bleached white rubber glove, calf graze white collar and cuff grey skirted uniform, fire hair female drove pizza box, Kleenex, aluminum can stacked trash pushcart signed, Guaranteed Clean By 11:00. 409 down sprayed, pink squish sponge up wiped. She flipped second-hand yellow latex pulled from bottom black waste-can. Hope to clock off after pool toilets scrubbed. Rule 2 — No Running by Pool. 10:59. Rough blue jean dirt curl hair flint-spark eye male bumped towering trash, tumbling crumble paper, sodden napkin, plastic ammonia bottles to cardamom carpet. Sorry smile. Let me help. Rule 3 — Children Must Be Accompanied by an Adult. 11:00. Paused male passed squared Kentwood toilet paper scrawl, 15 minutes. Pool Bathroom. Rule 4 — Please Leave Towels in Bathroom Hampers. 11:17. Ammonia bleached white rubber gloves smelling on trash cart pushed against hollow core luan door stamped, Women. White terry towels piled in corner bin, spread on wet chlorine tan tile floor. Tin stand yellow yield signed, Bathroom Closed for Cleaning. Rule 5 — [scrawled black Sharpe marker in space between rules] NO Sex in Pool. 11:18. Emerald paint fingers dusted dirt curls, wiped freckle cheeks. Blue jeans down. Grey skirt up. Arms web-woven squeezed white waist, squeeze strapping collar. Green boxers down. Fire hair female up. Daddy-Long-Legs long legs crossed over dirt curl male’s white t-shirt back. Arched against powder blue toilet stall door. Rule 6 — Have A Nice Stay. 11:34. Button-zipped grey skirt, running emerald paint fingers into fire ponytail. Dirt curl male, Smile. See ya soon, pushed out hollow core luan door stamped, Women. Fire hair female, Stare. Probably not, and flipped second-hand yellow latex onto trash cart top with ammonia bleached white rubber gloves. [rule list perma-signed red] Thank you, Management.

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