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Girl or Just Violence from Here: A Poetry Collection

So, I'm going to do something a little off my beaten path and share some old poetry over the next few weeks. It's a collection that I put together when I was in my twenties and going through a lot of stuff. These were all very personal in some way, very hard for me to write and not easy for me to share... Though I have shared publicly on Goodreads, where I put them up and forgot they existed, and in workshops, where clinical, editorial eyes were all that saw them. Putting them up on my blog seems a little more personal. A little more tied to me. So be gentle. I am not a poet. I just like to tell stories, and at the time, this was how I did it.

So without any more ado... Every Saturday for the next few months, I will post a new poem. If you are super curious and want to read more than one a week, you can check out Goodreads.

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