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Winterviews 2016-2017

Starting in just A FEW days, the first interview of the Winterviews Blog Hop will be posted on KJ Harrowick's blog, Daily Cup of Coffee, on the 21st. Each week after for 13 weeks a new interview with up-and-coming authors will be published.

I know I don't blog much. I rarely know what to say. I hope to find my blog voice soon. But, here, on the 21st, there will be a special treat for readers who take the time to stop by. It's something that I've been working really hard on. Something that is close to my heart.

A companion piece to my my current manuscript. A short story set in the same world.

I hope that you will come by and read it. Maybe even subscribe to receive my here and there posts as I discover my blogging self.

I don't know what the other participants have in store, but visit, follow, subscribe. Their journeys and your support are important.


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