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How to Win an Editing Contest without Winning an Editing Contest

Winning an editing contest the traditional way is hard. Submitting your book and getting feedback is the ultimate goal, but the odds aren't always in the submitters' favor. But it isn't hard to really win, when you don't win an editing contest. And it consists of doing only a few things.

1. Be positive.

The knowledge that the odds are low completely goes against being positive, but at some point, you have to accept it. It's the same for the others that subbed. Yes, someone has to be chosen, but they're the lucky "lottery" winner. There are a ton of these contests out there and when one door closes... And there's more to these things than just winning, see numbers 2-4.

Besides, being positive gets you seen in a good way, and when you start querying, someone could remember your name for how kind you were and want to work with you. The opposite is certainly true. Don't be the opposite. Don't burn your bridges before you've even started.

2. Meet people.

Network. Talk with people on the threads of the contests that you subbed. Make friends. These are the people who will support you later if you don't make it, and cheer for you if you do. These are the people who will give you advice when you are stressed about editing, even if you aren't editing within the confines of the contest. With Twitter groups like #ontheporch, and numerous post-contest FaceBook groups, you'll find a plethora of like-minded and ambitious writers willing to help out!

3. Get a CP.

Those people you meet on the contest threads could be your future CPs, or Critique Group. Get a CP match going, find those like-minded people and start CP "dating." Find that special person (or persons) that you are willing to share your baby with and get to working!

4. Learn.

This is probably one of the most important. Listen to all the critiques and tips that the editors post. They are gold! This kind of thing is the kind of thing they will be telling their mentee. Learn while you can. After all, this is a learning experience, they are trying to help you out.

That's all you have to do to win without winning. And remember... YOU wrote a book! That's an accomplishment to be proud of.

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